ZoneFox Analyst Report

Practical, actionable security insights

Get the clarity and transparency around security risks, delivered in a fortnightly report and one-to-one review with our analysts so you can lock down threats, minimise risk and take your organisational security to the next level.

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Fast, effective security reporting - courtesy of ZoneFox

How? We do the leg-work for you - taking a deep dive into ZoneFox insights and supporting your team to take the mitigative next steps that ensure risk is minimised, data is secured and that your security posture is working as hard for you as it needs to.

  • Fortnightly reporting delivers the practical, preventative actions identified by our team of Security Analysts
  • A detailed, insights-packed risk report of findings including risk ratings, the potential impact and recommended corrective actions - so you can get to work securing your business
  • Each report is accompanied by a call to walk you through the findings and advise on any questions you have
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Rapid protection for sensitive data

Learn how ZoneFox helps secure sensitive information against the insider - one of the most dangerous threats that all organisations face - delivering total data visibility, whether it’s on OR off your network.

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