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Securing Oil and Gas data

Just as the value of Oil and Gas is volatile, so too is the cybersecurity space surrounding modern energy companies. With huge amounts of data and intellectual property being utilised and distributed throughout organisational processes, this rapid growth is driving the industry as a key target for attackers.

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Data defence in Oil & Gas - how we do it

  • Simplifies breach and incident investigations with accurate forensic data
  • Alerts on common files associated with Ransomware entering your network, as well as the ability to quickly spot the irregular file behaviours associated with Ransomware
  • Superior machine learning compares peer group and user activities across your energy enterprise to spot anomalies and reduce false positives
  • Complete clarity around data and user behaviour wherever they are across the globe  – from a single dashboard
  • Rapidly prioritise risky behaviours – total visibility on what’s going on in minutes, not days, weeks or even hours
  • Supports the meeting of complex compliance demands
  • Minimal impact on productivity and privacy, with super-lightweight agents
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Growing threat against ‘black gold’

The Oil and Gas industry is the second-most prone to cyber attacks according to Deloitte, with a number of factors feeding into the swell of these attacks. Initially, a key cause was the digitisation of the industry and business processes – exposing hoards of sensitive Intellectual Property (IP) consisting of financial, industry and company data.

Additionally, we're now looking at legacy systems  serving as a barrier to the move to digital, but most importantly, presenting major cybersecurity holes – much to the delight of cyber attackers.

Defend against the insider
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More devices, more employees: increased risk

The number and variation of endpoints is growing, provided alongside the ability to work remotely to support flexible and efficient working conditions.

Each of these elements impact the associated risk and increase the appeal of the industry, to both internal and external attackers.

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