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Bolster your organisation’s ransomware defences with powerful behaviour analytics. Stop ransomware in its tracks and protect your organisation with ZoneFox's early detection system, smart endpoint analysis and machine learning.

Why ZoneFox?

Challenge: Ransomware

When it comes to ransomware - like most threats - robust protection often means a multi-pronged approach. For periphery protection, email filtering scans for links to malware sites and ransomware attachments. And, as malware almost always relies on remote instructions for execution, a firewall or web proxy solution may be able to detect the software’s communication with its server and prevent it from receiving its instructions to download and execute the ransomware payload. So far, so kind-of-but-not-quite safe yet.

Traditional antivirus (AV) software at the endpoint can provide a layer of defense against malicious scripts, exploits, Trojans and payloads - but its capabilities are limited. These signature-based solutions work by identifying the digital fingerprints of known pieces of malicious software; so, if it’s a brand-new piece of ransomware such as Wannacry – it may avoid detection from AV solutions, and the threat of infection remains.

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Defend against Ransomware: 

  • Smart endpoint analysis capabilities mean swift detection of anomalous ransomware behaviour, encryption of data, and unusual file-sharing activities - so your team can respond immediately
  • Machine learning identifies anomalous behaviours and prioritises alerts based on known ransomware characteristics
  • Quickly determine affected machines, allowing you to quickly pull systems offline, push patches to machines, work with your AV vendor to scan and remove the ransomware payload and implement your backup and restoration plan
  • Rapidly conduct post-incident analysis with valuable intel on how the infection happened, how it was introduced and which workstation and user was “patient zero”
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Swift security intelligence to stop ransomware in its tracks

ZoneFox will analyse the behaviour of software running on a user’s machine - and detect and alert on any abnormal activity. In other words, instead of relying on the unlikely finding of a signature that matches the malware, ZoneFox lets you know straight away the tell-tale signs that something’s amiss.

What’s more, if your system is faced with the next Petya – or a modified piece of malware that has bypassed your email filters, firewall and antivirus – ZoneFox delivers that crucial element of visibility: an early-detection capability that instantly gives you the intelligence and insights needed to quantify the impact, and begin immediate remediation of the attack.

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